About Efile TST

At EFILE TST, your satisfaction means everything to us. For over 25 years, our team has been committed to providing exceptional service, expert financial guidance, and peace of mind to local businesses, individuals, and international clients alike.

Whether you are a local resident or an international investor or service provider working with local companies, EFILE TST has the knowledge and experience to support you every step of the way. Our personalized approach allows us to understand your unique needs and goals, no matter how complex your financial situation may be.

In addition to serving local small businesses and individuals with tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and more, we also regularly work with international clients on investment strategy, compliance, accounting, and other financial matters related to doing business in the United States.

Our team stays up to date on the latest international regulations, tax codes, and business practices so we can best advise and collaborate with international clients. We can provide assistance in multiple languages as needed.

Thank you for choosing EFILE TST as your global financial services partner. We appreciate the opportunity to bring our decades of domestic and international experience to work for you and your business. Please let us know if there are any additional ways we can be of service.

Fernando Evangelista

Professional in Business Administration, and Tax Advisor. With 30 years of experience serving national and international companies across multiple economic sectors, my expertise in each field has allowed me to provide added value to my clients; specifically in the accounting area where I record, interpret, and manage a company’s capital and tax reports that were made from its transactions.

Values such as honesty, civic duty and professionalism lead me to give importance to my work, resulting in no issues with tax authorities and ensuring my clients do not experience financial losses or difficulties understanding their true liquidity and economic development.

As an Administrator I have the ability to plan, coordinate, reduce costs, secure resources, comply with budgets and effectively carry out multiple tasks; trained in resolving business conflicts, all accompanied by my work team of professionals whom I lead at EFILE TST .ORG (Business Administrative Services Company).